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The Hub at Eagle Wharf

The purpose of this page is the explain the various spaces at The Hub at Eagle Wharf and how they can be used.

Floor plan of The Hub at Eagle Wharf

Front Gallery

This space has track 6 zoned track lighting and overhead power, data and hanging points to facilititate exhibitions and ad-hoc events setup in the space.

Size: 14.5m deep, 8.7m wide, 2.5m clearance in most places.

Back Gallery

This space has a seperate 6 zone track lighting system as well as overhead power, data nad hanging points so that when the furniture is cleared from the space a larger exhibition can take place.

The store room behind the reception desk is about large enough for all the furniture from this gallery.

Size, 18.1m deep, 8.6m wide, 2.5m clearance in most places.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is for use by defined Hub at Eagle Wharf users and is bookable via Matrix Bookings, it includes 10 seats for a video call via Microsoft Teams.

Size: 5.5m deep, 4.4 wide.

Maker Lab

The maker lab is intended for use by UAL Incubator tenants and selected outreach workshops for the local community.

Size: 8.7m wide, 5.5m deep, 2.5m clearance in most places.

Training Lab

The Training Lab can be configured in 2 common layouts, round table and rows of tables, in a round table layout 20 students + 1 staff member can be sited here. In rows, 16 students and 1 staff member can work here.

There is a large touch screen for presentations and a hearing loop.

Size: 8.9m deep, 5.5m wide, 2.5m clearance in most places.

Rows of tables

16 capacity

Rows of tables layout of the training lab

Round tables

20 capacity

Round table layout of the training lab

Lecture Space

The lecture space has 64 plastic stackable chairs that allow for a lecture configuration, or to reorganised for other layouts, such as as further exhibition space, for physical classes, or with the hire of more tables a larger training lab.

There is a large projection screen and hearing loop in the space.

Size: 13.1m deep, 7.2m wide, 2.5m clearance in most places.