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Focusing the laser

Once your material has been put in, you need to focus the laser beam onto the surface of the material.

When focusing the laser cutter it's possible to damage the machine by running the laser head or X-axis arm into the material.

Operating the laser cutter out of focus increases the likelihood of fire and will result in poor cut quality.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Auto Focus

When using sheet materials like acrylic, wood, paper and fabric you can use auto focus, position the red dot over the material and press the up and down Z axis buttons on the keypad:

Diagram highlighting the Z axis controls

Manual Focus

Manual focusing should be done when the material isn't flat.

To do this hang the focus tool off the left or right side of the laser head, and slowly nudge the Z axis upward until the tool is slightly displaced.

The laser focus tool should be stored in the maintenance box under the laser cutter.

Trotec laser focus tool