Computers and Software

We have a large number of loanable Mac laptops and fixed high-spec computers across our sites.

How to connect to the CCI server

We run the CCI server as a resource to host websites and projects for students and staff at CCI, the server currently hosts:

For security reasons access to the server is via SSH (Secure SHell) using key authentication. To connect to the server you'll need to:

  1. Request access via Slack #technical for a username and password
  2. Create a public/private key pair on your computer
  3. Upload the public key to the server
  4. Login using SSH or SFTP

Creating an SSH key requires some basic SSH commands on your computer, it's also really important that you keep the private key secret and that you revoke it immediately if you ever loose it or suspect illegal access to your computer.

Check for an existing key

  1. Open the Terminal / Command Prompt
  2. View the contents of the .ssh folder in your home directory

macOS/*nix: ls .ssh and press enter Windows: dir .ssh and press enter

  1. Check for 2 files id_rsa and

If these files exist then you have existing keys, otherwise follow the instructions to create a key

Create a key

  1. Open the Terminal / Command Prompt
  2. Type ssh-keygen and press enter. The computer will hold on Generating public/private rsa key pair. for a short time.
  3. Press enter when you see Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/username/.ssh/id_rsa):
  4. Press enter when you see Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): unless you want to be prompted for a password when you connect to the server, in which case you should type this now (when typing passwords in the Terminal it will not be visible.
  5. When you see Enter same passphrase again: either retype the passphrase or press enter for no password.
  6. You'll see a number of lines output:
Your identification has been saved in id_rsa.
Your public key has been saved in
The key fingerprint is:
SHA256:wS+TjYgAeQftejsnZOE4b7SQJ+iRAPAd6FwA1/ykCcY username@computername
The key's randomart image is:
+---[RSA 3072]----+
|=++B.            |
|o+E.*...         |
|.=o=.=  o        |
|. o.=... *       |
|...=... S o      |
|.oB B    o       |
|. .@ o           |
| .  B .          |
|   . +           |

After this is complete you should check the key using the previous instructions.

Upload the key

  1. Open the Terminal / Command Prompt
  2. Copy the contents of

macOS: Type pbcopy < ~/.ssh/ and press enter, this will copy the key to your clipboard.

Windows/Linux users go to your file browser and find the folder .ssh in your home directory and then open in your plain text editor and copy the text.

Your username is the one for the CCI server, not your UAL login.

  1. Open a web browser and login using your username and password a
  2. Select SSH Configuration
  3. On your first login you need to select Key Type as RSA (for SSH v2) and then press Setup SSH Keys
  4. Select "Authorised Keys"
  5. Click "Add a new SSH 2 authorised key"
  6. Type a key name as one word i.e. "MyKey"
  7. Set the type to "RSA"
  8. Paste the key into the large text box, and remove the suffix (ssh-rsa ) and prefix ( username@computer) as highlighted...

ssh-rsa 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 username@computer

  1. Press Create

Verify SSH key

Remember to replace username with your CCI server username, not your UAL username!

  1. Open the Terminal / Command Prompt
  2. Type ssh -p 2020 and press enter
  3. You will the UAL CCI logo if you've logged in correctly:
██╗   ██╗ █████╗ ██╗          ██████╗ ██████╗██╗
██║   ██║██╔══██╗██║         ██╔════╝██╔════╝██║
██║   ██║███████║██║         ██║     ██║     ██║
██║   ██║██╔══██║██║         ██║     ██║     ██║
╚██████╔╝██║  ██║███████╗    ╚██████╗╚██████╗██║
 ╚═════╝ ╚═╝  ╚═╝╚══════╝     ╚═════╝ ╚═════╝╚═╝
  1. Type exit and press enter to disconnect.

If you've seen the UAL CCI logo it means everything is working, otherwise you'll need to check your steps, or contact support in Slack #technical sharing a screenshot of the issue you're trying.

Using SFTP with CyberDuck

Tip: Don't type your password as it may not work.

  1. Open CyberDuck
  2. Click the + button in the bottom left corner of the main window

Screenshot of the main CyberDuck window on macOS with the + button higlighted in the lower left corner

  1. Choose "SFTP" from the dropdown list at the top
  2. Pick a nickname like "CCI"
  3. Enter the server details:
  1. Close the window, no need to save!

Screenshot of the add connection screen filled out

  1. Double click on the blue drive icon that appeared with your nickname "CCI" in the main window.

You should now be connected, if you experience issues please screenshot and share in Slack #technical.

How do I borrow a laptop?

We operate a laptop locker system that issues Apple MacBook Pro 13" (Intel and M1 Pro) laptops out for 10 hours at a time (about the length of the day), the laptops can be used anywhere on the site they were issued and provides access to all the software you need to undertake your class.

There is no late fee, but we do not issue chargers out with the laptops to prevent people taking them home.

Loaned laptops must stay on the site they were borrowed from and must be returned before the end of each day. You are responsible for the safety of the laptop when it is on loan to you.

Laptop lockers

Laptops are easy to loan at any time by visiting one of the laptop lockers at each of our buildings.

Peckham Road

The laptop locker at Peckham Road is on the 5th floor of the B block as you come in to the classrooms and kitchen.

Greencoat Building

The laptop locker at Greencoat is in the main coridoor outside the Dark Lab.

How to loan a laptop

To loan a laptop you will need to have your UAL ID card.

  1. Visit one of the laptop lockers.
  2. Swipe your UAL ID card on the card reader below the touch screen.
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of loan.
  4. Press "Borrow" on the touch screen.
  5. Select the type of computer you want to loan.
  6. Look for the flashing locker.
  7. Open the door and unplug the laptop.
  8. Close the door carefully but firmly.

How to return a laptop

  1. Go to the laptop locker where you originally borrowed the laptop from.
  2. Swipe your UAL ID card on the card reader below the touch screen.
  3. Press "Return" on the touch screen.
  4. Look for the flashing locker.
  5. Open the door.
  6. Carefully plug the laptop back into the charging cable.
  7. Close the door carefully but firmly.
  8. Check the door is fully locked by pulling the handle.

What should I do if there is a problem with issuing or returning a laptop?

If you cannot issue a laptop please send a Slack message in #technical with a photo of the error on screen.

If you are unable to return a laptop, please visit the staff office at either campus and ask for help from a member of staff. NEVER leave the laptop unattended.

What should I do if there is a problem or damage to the laptop?

We operate a trust system, things happen, we trust you to look after the laptop, but sometimes things can go wrong.

If you are encountering a software issue please contact IT helpdesk on 0207 514 9898.

If the laptop has some kind of damage either when you loan it or during your use, or it is stolen while in your possesion please speak to a technician in the staff offices.

What software is available at CCI?

We have a range of software available on our computers on site, and that you can install on your own personal computers.

On your own device

As a student at UAL you have access to a range of software you can install and use on your own computers for educational purposes:

Free from UAL

Discount available from UAL

UAL offers a massive discount on Adobe Creative Cloud for all students, this discount is on top of the usual student pricing, in 2020-21 that meant that Creative Cloud was only £48 for the 12 months from mid August, over the £16.14 per month that you'd usually pay.

This is a fixed period license, meaning it starts from mid August each year and ends mid August of the following year regardless of when you actually start paying for and using it and there is no pro-rated discount, however it's still cheaper if you sign up before around the mid May.

Free for students

On CCI devices

CCI has 24x Dell Windows 10 PCs, 16x Apple Mac Minis and 48x Apple MacBook Pro 13" laptops, you can access a range of software from UAL's self-serivce applications ZENWorks on Windows, and UAL Self-Service on macOS.

Available software

There is a large array of software available and it's impractical to list it all however the packages of most interested are listed below: