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Buildings and Spaces

CCI is spread across multiple buildings along Peckham Road, South London.

You can see the locations of these spaces and the halls of residence in this map:

Peckham Road (building)

Peckham Road (PR) was the first building CCI occupied, we're spread across the 4th and 5th floors of the new B block at this site which opened in 2018. This complex of 5 buildings (A, B, C, D and Gardens House) is shared with Camberwell College of Arts who've been located here since 1898.


At the Reception, you can recieve information, pride badges, and directions to spaces (providing know the room number, reception can tell you where it is).

The Security team can be found at the reception. You can identify them by their grey jumpers. If you have an accident / feel unsafe / need safety support, go to the security team and they will be able to help.

Photo of Peckham Road Reception


The canteen is a great place to sit and work, socialise, or just have some time to yourself. Breakfast is served here from 9am and there are lots of food and drink options for everyone (halal, vegan, gluten free options etc.) Bike storage is situated just outside.

Photo of Peckham Road Canteen


The Camberwell Space shows art from external, commercial artists and aims to inspire students.

Photo of ArtsSU Gallery at Peckham Road

Art Shop

The art shop offers loads of affordable art supplies. You can ask the art shop staff about what materials are best to use for your projects and where to get materials that aren’t currently available in the art shop. You can also buy UAL merch here! It is worth noting that they don't accept cash, so you can only pay with a credit or debit card.

Photo of Peckham Road Art Shop

Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is part of the library and is open to all UAL students. This is the same with all UAL libraries. It is open 24/7 and they have lockers for laptops where you can swipe you card and loan a library laptop.

Other facilities that will usually be available here are photography and scanning, sewing machines etc.

It is a great place to work if you’re a night owl!

Student Centre

The Student Centre can be found in Block A, 1st floor and opening times are displayed at the entrance. As you walk in, the desk on the right is where you can ask questions and get advice. The desks on the left are where you will go and collect your Student ID card. A quiet room in the Student Centre can be used as a place for quiet reflection, worship, rest and other health requirements.


We have an amazing library supported by a dedicated CCI librarian (Benelia Salmon), who oversees the subject area of Creative Computing, ensuring the library stays up to date with the books, periodicals, databases and other resources you need to complete your studies. You can contact Benelia via Slack and email.

The library has books, journals, publications, copying resources for printing, cutting, stapling etc. Specific paper is available for dyslexic students to print on.

There are lots of workspaces and computers which can be booked.

Special collections can be accessed through the library resources page on the website. Here there are lots of old things like the Camberwell College of Arts Prospectuses from 1973!

Photo of a Library


Our Kitchen is a communal space as well as a learning space: at lunch time it becomes the social hub of CCI folks to share lunch together, and during classes it’s a quiet working space. Outside of those times the kitchen might be used for talks or workshops. We have fridges, a dishwasher, cutlery and lots of nice plants. There are also pods which can be used when they are not booked as a quiet space to work and a space to have your tutorials.

Photo of the CCI Kitchen

Teaching spaces

All of our teaching spaces are fitted with top spec AV systems which include high end Genelec speakers, and large 75" TVs or 6,000 lumen projectors. Every room also features a full lecture capture system linked to Panopto our educational video platform where students can rewatch their lectures.

PR_B401B - Seminar room

Thiis seminar room is the venue for a growing number of events and talks we run including external talks from organisations like Music Hackspace.

Photo of PR_B401B seminar room

PR_B501-01 - Classroom

Photo of PR_B501-01 classroom

PR_B501-02 - Computer Room

The computer room is fitted out with 24 high spec computers with NVIDIA RTX2080 graphics cards and 4K monitors for working on projects ranging from machine learning to 3D rendering and video editing.

Additionally, many of these computers can be accessed remotely from home after hours to enable access to specialist software or the high performance for rendering or machine learning work.

We also operate a laptop locker system where you can borrow a laptop to use within the CCI spaces.

Photo of PR_B501-02 computer room

PR_B501-03 - Classroom

Photo of PR_B501-03 classroom

PR_BB01 - Lecture Theatre

Here is where some of your lectures will take place! CCI and external events and talks also often happen here.

Photo of Peckham Road Lecture Theatre

Technical Space

PR_B502 - Physical Computing Lab

The Physical Computing Lab is a space for you to do all of your electronics. Here we have everything you will need for soldering and testing things out. We have hundreds of different components which are available for you to use. There is also a sewing machine, embroidery machine, computerised knitting machine.

Photo of the Peckham Road Physical Computing Lab

PR_B401A - Digital Fabrication Lab

The Digital Fabrication Lab is equipped with a laser cutter and many 3D printers to help you make your projects.

Photo of the Digital Fabrication Lab

Greencoat Building

The Greencoat Building (GB) will open in 2022 at a new UAL building on Wilson Road just a 5 minute walk from the Peckham Road site. The will have new technical, staff and teaching spaces for CCI students, as well as hosting the UAL incubator.

Photos show the space before furnishing is complete, updated due late Summer 2022.

Teaching Spaces

GB_G03 - Classroom

Photo of GB_G03 classroom

This is a classroom designed for up to 48 students with configurable tables and seating.

GB_G04 - Classroom

Photo pending

Technical Space

GB_G05 - Dark Lab

Photos of GB_05 dark lab

This is a space for projection mapping, VR, sound installations, and other large scale works which require control of light and/or some way to hang things from the ceiling.

The Hub at Eagle Wharf

The Hub at Eagle Wharf will open in November 2022 as a community hub, it will provide exhibition, event, incubator and office space for CCI outreach activities, and occasional CCI events and exhibitions.