What access do I have to UAL technical resources?

UAL has a wide range of technical resources which are built to serve the learning outcomes of the courses in each college.

Access modes

There are 3 modes of access across the technical resources:

Open Access

This means you can access this any time during the opening hours, you may need a safety induction, if you are unsure, please ask the local technicians.

Project Access

This means you can request access on a per person, per project basis, and subject to approval by the technicans who manage that resource you may be able to use it.

To request access to these resources, please ask in #technical, telling us:

No Access

This means you have no access to this technical resource.

What do I have access to?

By default all UAL Creative Computing Institute students have access to the following:

CCI Technical Resources

You have open access to all CCI technical resources.

Camberwell Technical Resources

CCI South London students have project access to Camberwell technical resources.

Other UAL College & Institute Technical Resources

You have no access to resources at other UAL Colleges and Institutes, including:

CCI Central London students have no access to Camberwell technical resources.

Additional access

Some CCI courses have additional access to resources beyond what is stated above, details are below:

UAL Diploma students at CCI

Students studying on a UAL Diploma sandwich year that have come from another UAL College or Institute continue to have access to the technical resources they had in their 2nd year of their Batchelors degree.

For example a BA Photography Student who has access to the B&W dark room and the Kit Room at London College of Communication would continue to have the same level of access to those spaces while on their diploma as when they were studying in that 2nd year.

When you return to complete your 3rd year you continue to have access to the CCI technical resources and what ever resources your local team offers for 3rd year students.

PhD students at CCI

All CCI PhD students have project access to all UAL technical resources, and open access to CCI resources.

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