What software is available at CCI?

We have a range of software available on our computers on site, and that you can install on your own personal computers.

On your own device

As a student at UAL you have access to a range of software you can install and use on your own computers for educational purposes:

Free from UAL

Discount available from UAL

UAL offers a massive discount on Adobe Creative Cloud for all students, this discount is on top of the usual student pricing, in 2020-21 that meant that Creative Cloud was only £48 for the 12 months from mid August, over the £16.14 per month that you'd usually pay.

This is a fixed period license, meaning it starts from mid August each year and ends mid August of the following year regardless of when you actually start paying for and using it and there is no pro-rated discount, however it's still cheaper if you sign up before around the mid May.

Free for students

On CCI devices

CCI has 24x Dell Windows 10 PCs, 16x Apple Mac Minis and 48x Apple MacBook Pro 13" laptops, you can access a range of software from UAL's self-serivce applications ZENWorks on Windows, and UAL Self-Service on macOS.

Available software

There is a large array of software available and it's impractical to list it all however the packages of most interested are listed below:

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