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Where to buy materials & parts

Physical Computing

Electronics, componants Bigger Shops - large and often complex catalogues Supplier Material Website Note RS electronics, componants, tools Fast delivery, huge selection. Free delivery. Collection also possible from Bow Rapid o...

buying guide

Hackspaces & Services

Physical Computing

Here are a list of places around London that can help in production of your projects. Jump to: Laser cutting 3D printing PCB production Graphic Design Services Hackspaces Name Facilities Website Address Phone Number Note Open Workshop Network All the ma...

buying guide

How to set up VS Code with

Creative Code How To Guides

(a.k.a. GitHub Enterprise for UAL) GitHub provides a version of its version control platform for big organisations, such as us, and is a separate entity to In order to access this ‘enterprise’ version from VS Code, we need to create an access token...

Box maker software/apps

Facilities Laser Cutter

Any material box makers: For cardbord boxes:

Stepper motor with TB6000 Microstep driver

Physical Computing How To Guides

We have the 42BYGHM809 Stepper motors with the TB6600 Stepper motor microstep driver to the Arduino using the BasicStepperDriver.h library. Connect the stepper and driver as shown: Download and install the driver to arduino from here. (If you need help, c...

3D Printing Overview Video

Facilities 3D Printing

3D printing brief overview video: