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High Holborn / CCI Central London

High Holborn (HH) is our newest building. Taking over from the London College of Fashion Business School, we've fully refurbished the building with a new Library Hub and all new teaching spaces dedicated to CCI.


At the Reception, you can receive information, LGBTQ+ pride badges, and directions to spaces.

The Security team can be found at the reception. You can identify them by their T-shirts and jumpers. If you have an accident, feel unsafe or need safety support, go to the security team, and they can help.

SU Space

There are a range of small independent and large chain stores and cafes nearby that offer a range of lunch options, but for those looking for other spaces to study and have lunch, the SU operates a space on the ground floor.

Library Hub

We will have a Library Hub supported by a dedicated librarian who oversees the subject areas of Creative Science, Data Science and AI, ensuring the library stays up to date with the books, periodicals, databases and other resources you need to complete your studies.

The library has books, journals, publications, and copying resources for printing, cutting, stapling, etc. Specific paper is available for dyslexic students to print on.

There are lots of workspaces and computers which can be booked.

There is a quiet room that can be used as a place for quiet reflection, worship, rest, breastfeeding, and other health needs.

Student Centre

The Student Centre can be found on the 1st floor. This is a walk-in help desk where you can ask questions and get advice.

Common Room

Our Common Room is a shared space for all CCI students: at lunchtime, it becomes the social hub of CCI folks to share lunch together, and during classes, it’s a quiet working space. We have fridges, a dishwasher, cutlery and lots of nice plants. There are also pods nearby that can be used as a quiet space to work when they are not booked for tutorials.

Teaching spaces

All of our teaching spaces are fitted with top-spec AV systems, which include high-end speakers and large TVs and projectors. Every room also features a full lecture capture system linked to Panopto, our educational video platform, where students can rewatch their lectures.

HH_302 - Classroom

This classroom is designed for up to 96 students with configurable tables and seating.

Photo of HH_302 classroom

HH_308 - Classroom

This classroom is designed for up to 48 students with configurable tables and seating.

Photo of HH_308 classroom

Technical Space

HH_306 - Technical Office

This is where you can find your technicians when they aren't in the labs and borrow equipment.