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How do UAL room numbers work?

Room numbers in large organisations can be confusing, which is why we try to stick to a single standard as best as possible. UAL room numbers read from left to right, with more and more granular detail.

On the left is the building code, working through the site, floor, room, and subroom or area.

Example room numbers:

Room number Site Block Floor Room Area
HH_302 HH 3 02
GB_G03 GB G 03
PR_B502B PR B 5 02 B
PR_B501-01 PR B 5 01 01


Reading the site code is arguably the most important part because rooms like G03 in more than a dozen sites could be more than an hour away on the bus. HH_G03 is in Holborn, whereas GB_G03 is in Camberwell.

The site code is usually 2 characters but can be up to 3.

For example, EW_G04.

List of CCI sites

Code Name
PR Peckham Road
GB Greencoat Building
HH High Holborn
EW Eagle Wharf

Building / Block

Some UAL sites have multiple buildings, also known as blocks, on one site; for example, at Peckham Road, there are 4 interconnected buildings lettered A through D.

Not all room numbers have block codes, but where they do, it'll be 1 character from A-E.

For example, PR_A215.


Most UAL buildings have multiple floors; in the UK, floor numbers start at 0 for the ground floor, unlike in North America, where they start at 1. In other words, the 1st floor in the UK is the floor above that which you enter. For example, HH_LG05.

Generally, floors at UAL are called:

  • LG: Lower Ground
  • G: Ground
  • M: Mezzanine

Room number

The room number is a clearly defined area with a door. To avoid confusion, single-digit rooms (1-9) are presented as 2-digit numbers. For example, GB_G01.


Sub-rooms are generally found in large rooms subdivided to provide small offices or meeting spaces. They're denoted with a letter from A-Z, for example, PR_B501A.

Areas and Spaces

Areas and spaces are partially or unenclosed areas used for timetabling and booking.


Areas are designated with a hyphen (-), for example, PR_B501-01.


Spaces are designated with an S for example, EB_10S04.