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How to trust Trotec Ruby certificate on macOS

This guide will show you how to trust the Trotec Ruby certificate on macOS to avoid security warnings.

  1. Download the certificate (Right click, Save As)

  2. Locate the TrotecRubyCA.crt file in your downloads and open it.

  3. macOS will ask if you want to add the certificate to the Keychain. Ensure "login" is selected and press "Add".

Screenshot of Add Certificates prompt with Keychain: Login set

  1. In the main Keychain app window select "login" on the left, then search for "Trotec" in the top right corner.

Screenshot of main Keychain app window searching the login keychain for "Tro"

  1. Double click on the "Trotec Ruby CA RUBY-G6AUHVM" certificate and expand the "Trust" section. Set "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" to "Always Trust"

Screenshot of selecting "Always Trust" for SSL

  1. Close the window to save, and confirm with your admin password or Touch ID.

  2. Reboot your computer.