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The laser cutter was purchased in 2021 by UAL Creative Computing Institute and partly funded by the UKRI World Class Labratories fund 2020/21.

The laser cutter is a Trotec Speedy 400 with an 80 watt CO2 metal tube and Run on Ruby (integrated touch screen). It can take a maximum upto 1000 x 600 mm sheet of material.

The machine also additional features a computer vision camera that allows cutting outlines to be aligned precisely with a printed document.

Photo of Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter

The use of the laser cutter is free to use for all authorised users, however it should only be used for projects directly related to your study and/or research at UAL.

This machine is not for personal use, such as making business cards, wedding invites or items for sale.

How to access the laser cutter

  1. Check you are an authorised users.
  2. Book and complete a safety induction with a member of technical staff.
  3. Design your project.
  4. Purchase suitable materials.
  5. Book a slot.