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Running a job

Once you've designed, prepared and queued up your job it will appear on the touch screen ready to cut.

Before you press the run/start button check:

  1. Is the correct material selected in Ruby?
  2. Is this material approved for use?
  3. Is the laser focused?

Once you are certain, close the lid, and press the run/start button.

Diagram of the run/pause button on the laser cutter

If there is an issue during the operation of the laser cutter you can stop the machine:

Emergency stop

To stop the laser cutter in an emergency such as fire or other risk to yourself, others or the machine, any of these will work:

  1. Lift the lid
  2. Press the red emergency stop button
  3. Power off using the key
  4. Power off with the red rotary isolator.

Pause job

If you need to pause the job to move a piece of material press the run/pause button again, the machine will carry on for a few seconds until it can safely pause.

If you move the material the laser cutter will not track this, and you could ruin the job.