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Ruby: Introduction

This is the first of several pages that will guide you through how to use Trotec Ruby to prepare a design for laser cutting. Preparing files for laser cutting is relatively straight forward, and some simple projects can even be made using just the tools built into Ruby.


Trotec Ruby is only officially supported in Google Chrome at this time, to use the laser cutter after being inducted you will be provided with a username (email address) and password.

To access the login screen open the browser and go to

Screenshot of Trotec Ruby login screen

Security Certificate

Before you can login and access the laser cutter you must install the security certificate to ensure that access to the web interface is not blocked by browser security requirements.


Annotated screenshot highlighting the location of the noted menu items in Ruby

Top Bar

At a high level the way Ruby works is by stepping through each of the menu bar options from left to right:

Manage Icon Manage – This is where you can upload and manage your designs and jobs.

Design Icon Design – The design screen is where you can make or edit designs, the typical workflow is to create the file in another program such as Adobe Illustrator and then send the design to the prepare screen.

Prepare Icon Prepare – The prepare screen is where multiple designs can be combined into a single job on the laser bed.

Produce Icon Produce – The produce screen is where you can queue, reorder and view running jobs.


Like man web applications Ruby has a side bar which is opened by clicking the hamburger menu to the left of the Trotec logo.

  • Manage, Design, Prepare and Produce - These are repeated from the top bar.
  • Materials - This is where you can view, create, edit and delete material and settings.
  • User management - This is for administrators only, do not enter this area.
  • Settings - This is for administrators only, do not enter this area.
  • Ideas - This is where you can send suggestions to Trotec for improvements to Ruby.
  • Knowledge base - This is where you can find help around using Ruby direct from Trotec.
  • Service File - This is for administrators only, do not click this option.
  • Manuals – This is where you can find the manual for all Trotec laser cutters.