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Lone Working Policy

Normally the building is staffed from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday during term time.

Outside of these times students can work on site in the labs, classrooms and other spaces as long as you follow the UAL Lone Working Policy.

UAL Loan Working Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure you are safe when working at unusual hours when there are fewer people around. This is in case you are injured or someone tries to attack you.

  1. You must not undertake dangerous activities (see below).

  2. You must ensure there are always at least 2 other people in the same area as you the majority of the time.

Being in the same area means: You can see and hear the other people most of the time, with breaks only to go to the toilet, shop for 5 minutes.

If someone leaves to work elsewhere or go home and you are alone or there is less than 3 people in the area, you have to move or leave site.


If there is an incident contact security staff at reception, they're able to provide First Aid and Security response, as well as calling emergency services.

The idea behind the 3 people is:

  1. Person injured or incapacitated
  2. Person to stay with the incapacitated person
  3. Person to get help.

Dangerous Activities

The following activities must not be undertaken when staff are not present:

  • Working at height (Such as using a step ladder)