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Who can access CCI technical resources?

The following grid gives a detailed visual breakdown of which CCI technical resources are available and to who:

Access Grid

CCI Students

Current students and fellows

All current CCI students have open access to all CCI resources.

Final year Diploma students

If you studied a UAL Diploma at CCI, you continue to have open access to most CCI resources.

The exceptions are Room Bookings, Laser Cutter, 3D Printing, and the Wood and Plastics workshop, as these resources are all available within your home college.

Camberwell College of Arts

Students studying any courses at Camberwell College of Arts (not including Chelsea and Wimbledon) can request project access to Electronics, Robotics, and Dark Lab.

Postgraduate Design School Students

Students studying Postgraduate Design School courses at Camberwell College of Arts can access the Laser Cutter during scheduled times agreed with their Camberwell technical.

Additionally, we provide open access to the Textiles equipment.

Computational Arts Students

Students studying either Computational Arts course at Camberwell have open access to the Technical Skills, Electronics and Textiles resources. You can also study in our South London Kitchen on Peckham Road and the Conservatory in Greencoat Building.

You also have project access to loan equipment and use the Dark Lab and Robotics Lab.

UAL PhD Students

PhD students studying courses outside CCI have project access to loan equipment and the Electronics and Textiles areas, as well as the Dark and Robotics Labs.


Generally speaking, staff access follows student access, however, we will consider requests for per project access.