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CCI Stickers, a history...

We print stickers on a regular basis. However, we rarely reprint an old design, so you can date your sticker by design.


Orange Sticker

This was the original CCI sticker used mainly on the original laptops, only about 100 were printed in August 2019.

Designed by Tom Lynch.


We ❤️ Creative Computing

Designed by Conor Rigby.

This sticker was printed in February 2020 just before the pandemic for the inaugural CCI launch event. We're not sure how many were printed.


ASCII Sticker

Only 50 of these were ever printed. Most were used as signage in September 2021.

Designed by Conor Rigby.

Pride Sticker

There have been 3 batches of 250 stickers in May 2021, September 2021 and February 2022.

Designed by Tom Lynch.


Mirror Sticker

There have been 2 batches of 250 stickers in December 2022 and January 2023.

Designed by Tom Lynch.


Anaglyph Sticker

There was 1 white and 1 black batch of 250 stickers in September 2023.

Designed by Lieven van Velthoven.

Technical Skills

These stickers were the first ever technical skills stickers printed in September 2023, in a batch of 100 of each design.

Designed by Agnes Cameron.



This sticker is a pastiche of a well-known brand. It was issued in February 2024, and only 50 were printed.

Designed by Pete Mackenzie.

Pink Shadow

There has been 1 batch of 250 stickers in February 2024.

Designed by Pete Mackenzie.

Wiki Stickers

These a batch of 50 of each design of these were printed in February 2024.

Designed by Agnes Cameron.

Offer Holder Day

These are a batch of 2x 100 stickers printed in April 2024 for the Offer Holder Day.

Designed by: Keya Datta and Evan Raskob

Sticker 1

Sticker 2