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Recommended Kit List

New students to UAL Creative Computing Institute often ask us what equipment we recommend before you start with us:

1. Your own computer

Having your own computer is not a requirement of any of our courses because we operate laptop lockers at all CCI locations that can be used anywhere on that site, and desktop PCs in open access and technical areas.

That being said, it is more advantageous to have your own computer as it gives you flexibility about when and where you can study as all our courses are part of a computing curriculum, so it's our main tool.

If accessing your own laptop is financially difficult for you, you may be able to access limited funding through the hardship fund which kicks off after the start of each year.

We have advice where you can read more about buying a new computer.

UAL Diploma in Apple Development
Students studying on UAL Diploma in Apple Development you should choose a Mac as the Apple software development tools only work on macOS.

2. Reliable Internet Connection

Read more about finding an internet provider.

3. Webcam, Headphones and Microphone

All our courses are taught in person; however, students generally prefer to attend tutorials with academics and get technical support from technicians online.

For this reason, we recommend that all students have a separate headset. The speakerphone feature picks up a lot of background noise from your computer and keyboard, making it hard to hear you.

If you already have some nice headphones for listening to music, many people like AirPods, so these will be fine, however, you don't need to spend this kind of money. Any simple "headphones with microphone" search online will find you headsets for a range of prices, some good brands include: Logitech, Sony, EPOS/Sennheiser.

Similarly for video calling it's not only nice to see a face, but to show people what you are working on, so if you haven't got a webcam in your computer, a simple low cost webcam would really help, we like the Logitech StreamCam because it's the best quality for the price, but cheaper generic brand webcams will be fine.

4. Software

We don't recommend procuring any specific software before your course, as you can access Microsoft Office for free as a UAL student. Other software would be course/year dependent. We also try to avoid commercial options where it makes sense.