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What kit can I borrow?

An extensive array of equipment is available in addition to the fixed equipment listed here.

Please bear in mind that the way technical services operate is as a collaboration; we're not just a kit room; we expect you to come to us early in your project life cycle and work with our team to validate the need for the equipment.

If you have suggestions for new products we should get, please email, and we'll consider it.

You are responsible for looking after and returning the equipment before you finish your course. The equipment must be returned to the correct building. We use a colour code on the labels to help everyone remember which item goes in which building.

  • Red background: Peckham Road
  • Green background: Greencoat Building
  • Yellow background: High Holborn
  • Black background: Eagle Wharf
  • White background: Temporary labels

Illustrated example colour coded icons

View the full catalogue - This is only visible from UAL-WiFi on campus or via the Staff VPN.

While this equipment is available to all students to use, we don't usually loan single items over £100 for off-site use due to insurance issues.

Kit List

This list was updated on 08/03/2024.