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How to get the app

Step 1 – Install the App

The ORB app is called "smarthub" on both App Stores:


Download and install the ORB app for Android.


Download and install the ORB app for iOS.

Step 2 – Login into ORB on a computer

Next, you must login to ORB on another computer.

Step 3 – Go to the APP feature of ORB in your browser

Step 3A - Open the menu

Screenshot highlighting the menu icon

Step 3B - Search "app" in the menu

Screenshot with the word app in the menu search box

Step 4 - Scan the QR code in the smarthub app

Screenshot of a QR code in the middle of the screen to scan in the app

Step 5 - Finish

Follow instructions on your phone to login to the app with your UAL username and password as normal.