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How to cancel a booking in ORB

You can cancel a booking by visiting ORB on the SISO app or in a or a web browser.

You can book a space at CCI by using the SISO app or in a or a web browser.

Step 1 - Login

For more information, see our guide on how to login to ORB and check your store.

Step 2 – Dashboard

From the Dashboard, when you first log in, scroll down a bit and click "Manage My Bookings":

Screenshot highlighting the Manage My Booking icon on the Dashboard

Step 3 – Find the Booking to cancel

Find the cancel button next to your booking, it may read "Cancel All" this will only cancel the booking inside its next to.

Screenshot highlighting the cancel all button next to a booking

Step 4 – Reason

Put a reason if there is one; this is not required, and confirm the cancellation.

Please don't leave important information in this box as it may not be seen, you can always post in Slack or ask a technician for help.

Screenshot of the confirmation screen

Step 5 – Cancelled

You'll see a red box confirming the booking was cancelled.

Screenshot of a pop up red box with Booking Cancelld and an X symbol