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How to Connect to MySQL Database on the CCI Server

Please consult this article, if you don't know how to connect to the CCI Server.

Download and install MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a convenient GUI that helps you work with MySQL databases.

Connecting MySQL Workbench to CCI Server

  1. Open Connect to Database window, by clicking Database > Connect to Database.
  2. Name the connection as CCI Server or something similar
  3. For the Connection Method select Standard TCP/IP over SSH.
  4. SSH Hostname:
  5. SSH Username: use the one you use to connect to the SSH server.
  6. SSH Password: use the one you use to connect to the SSH server.
  7. SSH Key File can be found here /Users/username/.ssh/id_rsa (.ssh is a hidden folder)
  8. MySQL Hostname:
  9. MySQL Server Port: 3306
  10. Username and Password: use the same as SSH Hostname and SSH Password.

Check if you are connected

The simplest way to check that you are connected is to check the server status. If the server is running you are good to go!