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What is ORB?

ORB stands for Online Resource Booking, and it is UAL's way of booking access to Technical Resources across all its colleges and institutes.

All colleges and institutes use the booking system, but each college uses it slightly differently, with some using Moodle or other systems for managing certain assets.

Visit ORB -

How CCI uses ORB

At CCI, we primarily use ORB to manage the booking of technical spaces, such as high-performance computers and laser cutters.

In future, we will also use it to manage the booking of high-value items like projectors, cameras and Wacom tablets.

What other systems does CCI use?

Laptop Lockers

With this system, you can walk up to a locker and loan a laptop for up to 10 hours at a time using your ID card. Find out more about loaning a laptop.

Other - Checkout

We also operate a system called Checkout, where you can loan lower-value items ad hoc, on-demand rather than booking them; you can see a list on this page.. To borrow this kit, please ask a technician for help.